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Kate has been actively interested in photography for over 25 years, turning her love for the camera into a professional art some 20 years ago. While most of her expertise has been put to work doing portraits, becoming part of those important moments in people's lives brings her the most joy. Be it inside, outside, solo or in groups, Kate creatively exposes the nature of her subject. Kate has traveled all over Northern Canada for 8 years capturing the beauty within the local people and scenery. The friends she has made in those years are all very special to her and she looks forward to going back there to see them all again.

After always being on the road, she decided to start staying at home a little bit more to see her family as well. Now residing in Oshawa, Ontario with her husband Chris and their two dogs, Nuka & Benson.

Her passion for the picture comes through in each composition, where beauty and emotion can be conveyed, allowing for a photograph that is more than just ordinary.

"My happiest moments are when I am behind the lens, capturing the love and beauty that shines through." -Kate

Kate Krueger

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